Innovate and thrive.

Too many organisations are stuck doing the same thing and not getting the results they need. Too many people are disengaged from work and aren’t getting the most out of their time.

Meaningbit can help you fix that. We work with both individuals and organisations to move to a positive, aligned approach. We use new, human-centered approaches to work and development, grounded in firm psychological evidence.

By creating an environment in which the situation improves step-by-step across all domains, we can embed sustainable growth in the DNA of your organisation.

Large or small, or just you?

We work with large organisations. We have particular experience in the Higher Education sector. We can support the development of a technology innovation function and identify those employees best placed to help drive new ventures forward.

We work with growing organisations. The transition from ad-hoc to formal processes as you scale is challenging for all new companies, and we can help you support your people through this period of change.

We work with individuals. You’re either working for a large organisation and not entirely happy in your role, or you’ve taken the brave step to set up on your own. We can help you identify what you need to make progress and start growing.