Needs based innovation

Ever felt like something was change for change's sake, that it wasn't really a good thing?

There are two types of innovation. The first meets real human needs, and makes things better. The second works to imagined needs, and requires that those needs be created. Because we have enough needs in the world already, this second type of innovation is an unhelpful distraction.

The way to make sure your organisation creates the first, not the second type, is to connect to your own needs first, and then use that intuition to explore the needs of the people you want to serve.

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Doing it all

Ever wondered how to do well at work when you don't clearly fit into a box? If you thrive on variety, it can be hard to know how to make a living. You don't want to do one thing, over and over. You want to do all the things. You're not alone. In this video I share tips for dealing with this, so you can thrive.

By combining your multiple talents, including your talent for doing new things, you can create your perfect job. By anchoring in purpose, you can find the golden thread in an apparently random collection of activities.

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Map and compass

Ever felt like you couldn't get enough information to make a decision? Or that you had too much?

In this video I talk about how you can use intuition and thought together to get a clearer idea of where it is you're trying to go. As most people spend most of their time using thinking, I share some things that will help you develop the intuition to complement it.

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Disrupt with love

Stuff needs to change. You can feel it. How do you know that if you change things, they're going to be for the better? You disrupt with love.

In this video I talk about how you can create positive changes that last. You might start slowly, but over time these changes build into something unstoppable.

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A possible strategy

Should you commit to a new project, or a new job? When's the right time to leave?

In this video I share a framework for understanding when it's the right time to commit to something, and when it's the right time to walk away. By thinking in terms of the possibilities generated by doing the thing, you can give yourself a way of exploring how to create positive outcomes.

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Crafting happiness

Working really hard and caught yourself asking "is this worth it"? It's certainly happened to me.

In this video I talk about why working to specific outcomes is not always the most effective way to work. Instead, working in order to create something, not to achieve a specific outcome, is much more effective. It opens up possibility and generates unexpected opportunities. This can feel quite uncomfortable at first. You can experiment with it to overcome the discomfort.

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Watering your garden

Ever felt you couldn't relax, or there just weren't enough hours in the day? I know I have.

In this video I talk about how you can stop seeing work and rest as two opposites that need to be played off against each other. I suggest ways you can start to change them such that they begin to support each other instead.

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Responding differently

Do you know someone who you'd like to respond differently to? Perhaps they're a client, colleague or friend.

In this video I talk about how responding to yourself and responding to other people are more closely related than you think. I give some tips on how to start responding differently to yourself, so you can respond how you'd like to others.

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Getting what you want again

Ever got what you set out to get, then felt a little bit trapped by it?

In this video I talk about how the things we really value can, over time, start to feel like an obligation. I share a way to start making them feel joyful again, by gently putting a bit more of your authentic self back into them. Just taking five minutes a day to cultivate that connection to you can be enough to start everything else flowing again.

Take a look at the video and let me know how you get on in the comments.

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Helping people like you

Ever struggled to find satisfying work? Start by helping people like you.

In this video I talk about the power of using your own journey to help others. This is a great way of doing work you're both extremely good at, and which is meaningful to you. By better understanding your own path you can open up the way for others.

Watch the video then let me know what you could do to help people who are like you, in the comments section.

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Performance at work

Workplaces are obsessed with performance. Perhaps that's not such a good idea.

In this video I talk about the other side of performance; how it can leave you feeling drained and hollow. I share some strategies that have worked for me and my clients to get back in touch with sincere, meaningful work for them.

If you'd like some support moving from work as performance to work as self-expression, then please send me a message. I'd love to help.

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Responding and reacting

How do you move from reacting to responding? For me it's been a process of feeling things out, rather than being about thinking things through. It's very much an embodied thing. In this video I talk about what you can do to move from reaction to response and get into the amazing knowledge you have in your body. It complements the knowledge in your mind perfectly!

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Unboxing sensitivity

Here's a followup to my Unboxing Yourself video. People asked for some of my own experiences. In this video I talk about accepting, and then consciously using, a my sensitivity. For a long time I kept it locked away, but over the last few years I've come to realise it's one of my biggest strengths.

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A different way of thinking about change

Ever wondered about what it means to change things for other people? In this video I talk about two different kinds of change. The first one you're probably familiar with. The second one, maybe not.

If this second kind of change sounds like something worth exploring, you might want to listen to my podcast interview with psychotherapist Greg Madison on Focusing. You can find that, and other episodes at

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Unboxing yourself

Ever felt a bit hollow despite achieving what you set out to? This video is about unboxing yourself. It's about undoing the process of compartmentalisation so you can be more of who you really are. Doing that, you'll be a lot happier with what you get done!

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Why you need to start doing customer interviews

I hate the name "customer interview", but I love the process. It's a great way of understanding how you can help people more effectively. If you've ever struggled to sell your work, or selling feels fake and inauthentic, then it's the process for you.

When I first went full-time on my business, I had a vague notion of who I wanted to help and how. I knew that I wanted to help people doing personal development work. I had little idea how my particular skills could do that.

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Is it wrong to make a living helping people?

A friend of mine and I were talking about doing healing work. She said:

"It's not right to benefit from other people's suffering, is it?"

As someone who has made it his business to support people who support, heal and transform others, this made me pause. Is there something fundamentally wrong with helping others for money?

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Underneath it all

Six months ago I quit my nice, stable, well paid job. It felt like that job was killing me. I've since learnt that it wasn't the job which was killing me. It was the need to create something bigger.

After I quit I spent a few months trying out different ideas. I had a rough idea what I wanted to do, but no strong direction. At times it felt like drifting, but it was really an exploration. I'd spent so long doing what other people wanted that I needed the time to reconnect with myself.

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I spoke to personal development pros. Here's twelve things I learnt:

A few weeks ago I interviewed fifteen people who work in personal development. I asked friends, and friends of friends. I met people in cafés, and had Skype calls. I spoke with conventional business coaches. I spoke with creativity coaches and art therapists. I spoke with an energy healer and a shaman. Some of the people I spoke with have been working in the field for years, others for only a few months.

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