Underneath it all


Six months ago I quit my nice, stable, well paid job. It felt like that job was killing me. I've since learnt that it wasn't the job which was killing me. It was the need to create something bigger.

After I quit I spent a few months trying out different ideas. I had a rough idea what I wanted to do, but no strong direction. At times it felt like drifting, but it was really an exploration. I'd spent so long doing what other people wanted that I needed the time to reconnect with myself.

In January I was lucky enough to go to Davos, to the fringe of the World Economic Forum. It was a strange, intense experience. Surrounded by politicians, oligarchs and celebrities, I was spending time with healers and shamans. People who address the suffering they see all around them.

I realised then that the most important thing for me to do with my energy was contribute to that effort. The effort to heal trauma, to let go of the stories which no longer serve us, individually and collectively.

This might seem like an odd thing to do when we are faced with so many imminent threats. The climate crisis, the rise of extremism, and the epidemic of poor mental health. Whilst work to tackle these issues directly is both needed and effective they are all underpinned by one thing. They are underpinned by suffering.

By working to address the root cause of suffering, people are free to behave more sustainably. They are free to reach across the divide. They are free to be comfortable with themselves and their place in the world again. Without pain people are free to connect with the world as it really is.

This realisation has been informing my action ever since. It is a star to follow. My problem, and my gift, is that I'm not a therapist, coach or healer. I don't have the training and experience necessary to tackle the problem directly. And worse, there isn't time to develop those skills.

Instead, I'm using the skills I do have to empower as many of those in helping professions as possible. My dream is to create a movement of people with the skills necessary to transform the lives of those around them. A movement which accepts a diversity of approaches and needs. A movement which despite this diversity happily uses evidence to improve our collective practices.

The ability to transform lives is too important to stay in the hands of the few. These experiences are too important to be rationed out to those wealthy enough to afford them. By working together we can collectively lift each other. That way, we can rise to meet the challenges we now face.

My vision is to create a platform where those who need help, and those who provide it can meet. The intention is to make it easy for both sides. Easy to make a living doing exactly the kind of personal development work you want to be doing. And easy to find exactly the person you need at the time you need them.

It’s a big job. I need your help to make this a reality.  The first step of my journey has been to create the People Developing People community. This is a place for everyone who does personal development work to meet, support each other and grow. It's a place where I can use my skills to help you have the impact we both want to see. Whatever the stage of your journey, I want to help you help others to the best of your ability. Please join up, get the help you need, and help others. Together we can lift everyone up.