Bots, Burnout and Blame resources


Slide 4: Meaning matters

"Understanding the dark and bright sides of anxiety: a theory of workplace anxiety" - Cheng and McCarthy


Slide 7: The right kind of breaks

Break timers:


Slide 8: Flow activities

Flow -


Slide 10 :Finding the sweetspot

Yerkes-Dodson Law -


Slide 11: Hyperbolic discounting

Hyperbolic discounting -

Slide 12: Remove distractions

Website blockers:

Slide 14: Buzzfeed: Where productivity goes to die

What Ikea furniture are you -


Slide 21: Feeling safe to work

"Why good leaders make you feel safe" - Simon Sinek -


Slide 23: Social working

Slack -


Slide 24: Navigating the invisible

Compass -


Slide 25: Google Duplex

Google Duplex demo, Youtube -