Clear Communication

Embodied communication workshop; help teams talk and listen more effectively

Your front-line teams complain that they don't have the support they need. Managers complain they don't have the information they need. Everyone feels frustrated. It’s holding back the whole organisation and you can't move forward. People just aren't talking in a way that solves problems.

Our training is specifically designed to resolve this deadlock. It will move your teams from friction to flow. It gives your teams the skills they need to communicate and solve problems together. It builds links between groups and between different levels in the organisation. When people are linked together like this they can solve huge problems in a creative, collaborative way. We help you unlock the wisdom that's already in your organisation.

Participants will develop the skills necessary for clear communication. They will learn to better understand and explain their needs. They will learn to listen and respond more accurately to the needs of others. We use an interdisciplinary approach to achieve this. The approach combine mindful awareness, embodiment and Nonviolent Communication. These give allow people to develop their interpersonal skills and grow their empathy. By building these skills you can grow a culture where problems are tackled together.

This workshop is grounded in the real, current situation present in your organisation. Attendees won’t just get skills they can use to tackle their problems in the future. They will leave with a list of the top problems the team is facing and actionable ways to address them.

Sal Jefferies is a mind-body expert, contemporary psychotherapist, coach and yoga teacher. By getting body and mind working together he can help unlock new ways of approaching tough problems.

Matthew Bellringer is an innovation coach and strategy consultant. He combines a deep understanding of human psychology with proven strategies for both personal and business growth.

To make sure this is the right fit for you and your organisation, and to tailor the workshop to your needs, we offer a free hour-long consultation call.