Staff happiness is the primary competitive advantage.

Engaged, satisfied staff make engaging, satisfying products. They give good customer service and they exceed expectations, making for loyal, happy customers. People often assume that happiness follows success. They are wrong. Success follows happiness.

It's all about change.

The world is changing quickly, with new opportunities and threats arriving all the time. Access to global markets in increasing, and new disruptive businesses are launched every day. Every organisation needs to be able to change to respond in order to take advantage of what's available and to protect itself from risk. The better the organisation can change, the more successful and the safer it will be.

Get the right culture for the future.

Culture sets the tone for everything an organisation does. This doesn't have to be a passive thing. Cultures  can be actively designed to suit the goals of the organisation and the needs of the people working there. Much like a house needs a solid foundation, a business can't be successful without a good culture. As Peter Drcuker said, "Organisational culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner".

Use technology to succeed.

Conventional business wisdom doesn't apply anymore. By understanding human behaviour you and your team can perform better, with less effort. By taking advantage of new technology you can drive reliability and responsiveness. Together, psychology and technology give you what you need to succeed in the modern world.




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Technology is a word that describes something that doesn’t work yet.
— Douglas Adams


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