Human-centered technology for purposeful work

Why alignment?

Your work. Your life. Your world.

None of these things are separate. They all interrelate. The work you do affects the life you lead, which affects the work you do. All that is changed by the environment you are in. Which changes along with your work and life. Exactly which each of these things are matters far less than how well they align with each other.

Workplaces are the same. You need the right people with the right culture and the right tools doing the right work. You need your message to connect with the right customers.

Growing together

Change one area on its own and you will fail. You can’t change culture from the top down. You can’t adopt new technology and just have everything run smoothly. You can’t grow people and not expect them to want something more from their work.

You need to understand the whole system. You need to grow and iterate towards where you want to be. That way, you can maintain alignment between all of elements that need to be aligned. You can develop, step-by-step. No more leaps into the unknown. No more unmet promises.


An organisation is nothing without its people. Giving those people the support to grow allows them to meet the challenges a changing business environment brings.

Personal development is far more than learning new technical skills. It is about adopting the right mindset to thrive in an uncertain future. It is about knowing your role in seeing collective purpose become a reality.

We can help your team members grow as the organisation grows around them. By drawing from a range of different methodologies, we can help people find their purpose and use that to support the organisation.


Culture is part of organisational DNA. Everyone wants an innovative, fun, exciting place to work.

Not every organisation is there, yet. Changing cultures is hard. Mandated, top-down culture changes are doomed to fail. You need to take a different approach.

We can help you adopt a generative, people-first culture. By using the latest positive psychology, and integrating change across the other domains, you can have the kind of workplace where everyone wants to work.


The structures of your business provide the scaffolding which allows your people to work at their best.

The processes and tools people use are vital to their success. The latest technology is transformative. It offers completely new ways of working. You don’t want to be left behind.

Such transformation can be hard, however. You need to make sure that all the other aspects of the business are aligned with the new tools you offer. You need to make process and technology work in service of people, not the other way around.

We can help you deliver scalable yet human systems. These allow you to grow and prosper by focusing on what really matters; people helping other people.


A changing world means new opportunities. To exploit those opportunities, you need to change the work that you do. That means being quick to offer new solutions to the people who most want them.

We can help you deliver innovative, customer-centred products. By testing and using lean methods we can help you go where you need to go, quickly. By adopting an experimental approach you can reduce the risk of launching cutting edge products and services.

Once you have developed your ground-breaking idea you need to tell the world about it. We understand digital marketing and can help you reach the people who most need what you offer.

 By aligning individual people, their collective practices and the tools they use you can unlock new ways of working. These allow you to explore new opportunities and provide more value to the people that need you the most.

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