“Before this coaching work I thought I thought I had a healthy understanding of my relationship with money. Matthew has an incredible empathetic and dignified approach that really allowed me to be open and honest with myself and really see what my personal relationship with money meant to me. Be prepared to break boundaries and discover things about yourself that can only empower you. Mind blowing experience. Fully recommended to take the chance and discover something new about yourself. “

- Annalisa Saba

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Agnes Otzelberger, The Good Jungle

I was impressed with how you managed to guide this session in a hands-on/practical, and big picture/soulful way at the same time. This definitely met my need to stay connected with my "Why", whilst getting really focused on the practical "How" as well. I find that it often tends to be one or the other - super practical but without soul (like the pure LEAN approach) or quite esoteric and meta without getting down to business. But this had a really good balance between the two. I came out of the session feeling clear, energised and relieved. 

- Agnes Otzelberger, The Good Jungle

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