Human-centered technology for purposeful work

Designed around you

Where to start?

You’re unique. You need guidance which is tailored to your individual needs. That’s why I can’t tell you exactly how we’d work together. I can, however, tell you how it begins.

We’ll take an hour to plan out exactly what you need to take your next step. We’ll talk about where you are, where you want to be, and what’s in the way. We’ll talk about what resources you have to devote to the project and how urgent it is. Then, I’ll come up with a plan and send you a summary in writing so we are completely clear. If you’re happy with that, we can begin.

If that all feels a bit to vague then check out some of the examples of previous work and see which might fit. We can always tweak the details to fit your needs.

Making a jump

Do you have a new project, or new direction you want to launch? Get help designing and testing your new ideas in a quick and effective way. Make sure both you and other people will love it.

What this looks like: We’ll work together to connect with your “why”, then hone your idea. We’ll use the latest approaches to testing things out so that you can be sure it’ll be a success. This will also give you the messaging and positioning you need to reach exactly the right people with your marketing.

You can use this to launch a new product, to refresh and existing product, or to prepare to strike out in a new direction.

Event prep

Do you have a bit event coming up? Get help with a talk, presentation or workshop which you’re planning. Make it a success, and make it less terrifying too.

What this looks like: We explore what it means to be authentically you at the event. We research the audience and we get clear on their needs. We put together an offer that they find exciting and that you will enjoy giving. We use neuroscience-backed mindfulness techniques to deliver your content at your best.

You can use this to deliver paid work, or to take advantage of an opportunity to reach a wider audience. This also works for getting yourself online!

A change of direction

Are things generally good, but could do with being a bit better? Get sustained support in creating the kind of life and business that you really want.

What this looks like: We explore what’s working for you and what isn’t. We explore how you might be able to meet your needs better, and more authentically. We identify easy, fun ways that you can experiment with this. We look at how you can combine the skills you already have to have the biggest impact possible.

You can use this to alter your trajectory towards something more fulfilling, without having to chuck everything in and start again from scratch.


I work to agreed outcomes, not to hourly rates. This means I can offer a full money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the what we’ve done together, then I’ll work with you to make it right. If you’re still not satisfied then I’ll give you your money back.

The cost of individual pieces of work depends entirely on your needs. Work to a specific business or personal goal typically starts at £999, and ongoing support from £299 a month. I offer discounts for people working in the non-profit or social enterprise sector.